About Us

Aikido Circle Tissier of Cyprus

At our Dojo in the outskirts of Nicosia, Kokkinotrimithia, we train Aikido with trainer Alkis Lapithis (3rd Dan) and guided by instructor Vasilis Nikteris (5th Dan), Aikido Academy of Greece who are further based on Christian Tissier’s “Circle Christian Tissier” (8th Dan).

About Christian Tissier

Christian Tissier begun Aikido from a small age in France since 1962. At the age of 18 he decided (1969) to go to Japan and had spent eight years at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, to train in the heart of the art and with the best masters of Aikido. Returning back to France (1976), he also encouraged and started a new kind of Aikido that soon became a featured aspect in the Aikido world, not only in France but in wider Europe as well, the Circle Christian Tissier. Tissier is currently a leading master of the art in the FFAAA organization, one of France’s largest Aikido associations. In fact, he is the only foreign instructor to have taught at the International Aikido World Congress. Tissier has his 8th Dan in the art is is honoured around the world for his success.

About Vasilis Nykteris

Vassilis Nykteris had been training since his 25 at the Athletic and Spiritual Association Kronos “ZanShinDoKan”. For four years he was trained by Kostas Yiannas (3rd Dan). In the mean time he started attending Pascal Guillemin’s seminars, a 6th Dan student of Christian Tissier (8th Dan). The seminars constituted his first impact with the unique art that Christian Tissier teaches. He then travelled to Paris (2002), in order to take part in an international seminar of the French shihan. In 2003 he had taken the exams for black belt (1st Dan) in presents of Pascal Guillemin. In the last seminar of 2004 he experienced the desire to probe deeply into the art of Aikido. In September 2004 he left for Paris in order to be trained by Christian Tissier. There he also gained the 2nd Dan from the French sensei. In 2006 he travelled to Japan. There, he was hosted for some weeks in Kyoto by the teacher Yoko Okamoto (6th Dan) and then visited the Honbu dojo of Aikikai in Tokyo. He returned to Greece (2007) and founded Aikido Academy of Athens, while in the same year he was given the 3rd Dan. He now trains under the guidance of the French shihan, for the spreading of the art of Aikido in Greece.

The Circle Christian Tissier of Aikido has placed its anchors in Cyprus, by trainer Alkis Lapithis monitored with the guidance of instructor Vasilis Nykteris.