Aikido Circle Tissier, Cyprus

Aikido Circle Tissier, Cyprus


Aikido is a martial arts technique and is well known for its ability of defeating one’s opponent with little effort even at first contact. Aikido is not like other similar marial arts or sports, or who wins and loses, but as its founder Ueshiba Morihei said, that Aikido is not about beating your enemy but more like a way which unites humans together in for peace and harmony.

Aikido Circle Tissier of Cyprus will keep Aikido’s founder in peace of mind, by adapting those principles and sharing the art to all its members.

Aikido Circle Tissier of Cyprus is being closely monitored by Vassilis Nikteris (5th Dan Aikikai, F.F.A.A.A) from the Aikido Academy of Greece, with periodic visits to the academy, locally. With his honoured experience and our dedication in the art of Aikido, our doors are open to any one who sincerely wishes to learn the art of Aikido.

Where to find us

73D Gregori Afxentiou (basement), Kokkinotrimithia, Nicosia, Cyprus

Where our Dojo is


73D Gregori Afxentiou str, Kokkinotrimithia
Nicosia, Cyprus
m. (+357) 99623934
t. (+357) 22825001


Schedule 2018 – 2019

Tuesdays & Thursdays 20:30 – 21:30

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